1. Booking on this portal shall be subject to outcome of Hon'ble Punjab & Haryana High Court Case vide C.W.P No. 17895 of 2020 & 17963 of 2020.
  2. The maximum booking can be made for 90 calendar days.
  3. The minimum booking can be made for 7 calendar days.
  4. The Live Self Photograph at allotted site/unipole will be mandatorily uploaded on the portal as a proof of removal of advertisement. In case the Live Self photograph at allotted site/unipole cannot be shown/uploaded on the portal, the fees on the 8 th Day will be imposed to the advertiser for next 7 Days also.
  5. Any applicant can book any no. of sites available of his choice.
  6. The booking shall be on the" First Come First Service Basis".
  7. 100% advance payment is mandatory.
  8. Payment once made is not refundable.
  9. Any Indian citizen or agency can participate in booking.
  10. Any dispute or grievance, if arises shall be referred to Commissioner Municipal Corporation Jalandhar.
  11. The site shall be made available on as is where basis but improvement/modification in any site can be done by Municipal Corporation Jalandhar at any stage.
  12. The displayed advertisement shall adhere to the Advertisement Bye-Laws 2018 and any contravention of the Bye-Laws may invite removal of display, One or future disbarment from advertisement.
  13. In case payment is deducted from your account but you do not receive/shown the status of payment successful message, kindly go to order history to check the receipt. In case receipt is not visible against your order, immediately contact or contact Superintendent, Advertisement Branch, M.C.Jalandhar . Any order will be confirmed only after receipt of payment in MC Jalandhar account, no claim will be considered till payment is received in M. C. Jalandhar Bank account.
  14. Display site shall be available from 0000 hrs of first day to 2300 hrs of last day of booking & it shall be the duty of allottee to handover vacant site to MCJ before end of the last day of booking.
  15. Any Controversial/Religious advertisement displayed at the site will be the sole responsibility of allotee. M.C.Jalandhar is not responsible/ party in any dispute raised against any controversy, if happened.
  16. The Successful allotee shall not exhibit any display, which affect public morality, or hurt the sentiments of any caste, creed or religion, are obscene and the displays which are banned by the Central and State Government.
  17. Municipal Corporation will not be liable / responsible for any damage or accident caused to the advertisement and to its material due to any act of nature any unforeseen act, on account of any failure on the part of advertisement mechanism or any reason whatsoever.
  18. The successful allotee shall take proper care of OMDs to avoid any untoward incident and also to ensure public safety and security. The maintenance shall be at the risk & cost of the successful allotee during the period of contract. The Corporation is not liable to pay any compensation for any damage to property or any loss of life.
  19. The successful allotee and his/her agent shall observe, perform and comply with provisions of the Punjab Municipal Corporation Act-1976, The Punjab Municipal Outdoor Advertisement Policy 2018 and the Model Outdoor Advertisement Byelaws 2018 and regulations in force from time to time.
  20. If any dispute and differences arising out of or in any way touching or concerning this allotment, Arbitrator shall be appointed as per directions by the Government.
  21. The authorized officer of Municipal Corporation, Jalandhar will inspect the sites of Outdoor Media Devices (OMD) as and when needed.
  22. Commissioner of this Municipal Corporation can inspect any OMDs during the contract period and have the right to remove that structures (which are not in conformity with the prevailing rules and conditions of agreement) immediately without informing the allotee.
  23. The Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Jalandhar reserves the right to accept, reject or cancel any one or all the tenders without assigning any reason.
  24. The Successful allotee will have to maintain the area around the advertisement devices properly (as it was before installation) after erecting/installing the advertising devices / infrastructure at his own cost.
  25. Agency will have to keep OMDs free from defacement. Any defacement of devices will have to be removed by the agency within 48 hours.
  26. All disputes shall be subject to jurisdiction of Jalandhar Civil Courts.

Advertisement Branch